Capturing Chemistry

After photographing Amrin and Waqar's Baraat and Mehndi, we could not wait to witness their wedding reception at Apollo Convention Centre. In fact, their wedding festivities were very close to my heart, as the groom is my brother's best friend and is like a brother to me too!. We absolutely loved documenting the day’s events, from the moment Waqar and Ambrin's couple portraits were taken, all the way to the rukhsati.

Ambrin’s gown from Mysie by Tahira was stunning, bathed in a dreamy pink hue adorned with delicate white and pink hand-stitched embroidery. Our groom looked dashing (as well!) in his sharp navy blue tuxedo. Together, they were the epitome of elegance, each outfit enhancing the other’s charm flawlessly.

The couple’s portraits tell a tale of love and connection. Ambrin’s radiant smile complemented Waqar’s adoring gaze, creating moments that will forever be etched in their hearts. The camera lens captured their chemistry effortlessly, revealing the depth of their bond. We got lucky with the gorgeous weather, which allowed us to capture breathtaking outdoor portraits.

Against the lush green backdrop at Adamson Estate, Waqar and Ambrin embraced, their love shining brighter than the sun.

Sweet Moments

What a magical night to remember, with heartfelt (and hilarious!) speeches, a chaotic shoe-game, and a memorable first dance. As evening descended, the air buzzed with energy and anticipation at Apollo Convention Centre, accompanied by a gorgeous soft floral backdrop by @rangeenweddings, colours matching the bride's gown. Both families radiated warmth, enveloping the couple in a cocoon of love. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the laughter that echoed through the halls during the Shoe Game, a testament to the joy and camaraderie shared amongst friends and family.

We feel honored to have observed and documented the unfolding of Waqar and Ambrin’s love story. Now, their love story is eternally preserved in the enchanting imagery of these photographs. The galleries provide a window into the enchanting moments that marked these memorable occasions. Thank you so much for having us be a part of your big day, Waqar and Ambrin!

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