About Me!

Hi! I'm Iman, a 20 year old wedding photographer who has cherished and flourished within the wedding industry for four long years now! I am constantly on the lookout to showcase love stories through my lens; capturing people's most precious MOMENTS.

Think of me as an extra bridesmaid, dupatta-helper, bow-tie-fixer, essentially someone who is at your event to add to those moments by helping to make them happen and then capturing them for you to cherish for a lifetime.

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My love for photography developed while I was in high school where I worked with Film Photography. After capturing my friends & family at various events and being able to capture their laughs as well as tears, I knew photographing people was my true calling. Since then I have not been able to put my camera away!

I am a Full-Time Student at University of Toronto, where I study Digital Enterprise Management. In an average month, you will find me hustling hard, studying and catching up on assignments during the week and then hustling even harder to cover events for my clients on the weekends! I cannot wait to Graduate soon and give my business and clients my ALL!