Iman (Aka pokiman)

Hi! I'm Iman, a 20 year old wedding photographer who has cherished and flourished within the wedding industry for 4+ long years now! I am constantly on the lookout to showcase love stories through my lens; capturing people's most precious MOMENTS.

Think of me as an extra bridesmaid, dupatta-helper, bow-tie-fixer, essentially someone who is at your event to add to those moments by helping to make them happen and then capturing them for you to cherish for a lifetime.

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My love for photography developed while I was in high school where I worked with Film Photography. After capturing my friends & family at various events and being able to capture their laughs as well as tears, I knew photographing people was my true calling. Since then I have not been able to put my camera away!

I love eating sushi, biryani and drinking bubble-tea (my favourite spot is Coco, for sure!!). Aside from being a foodie, I am a Full-Time Student at University of Toronto, where I study Digital Enterprise Management. In an average month, you will catch me hustling hard, completing assignments during the week and then hustling even harder to cover events for my clients on the weekends! When I'm not busy scheduling consults, shooting, scheduling, or editing, I love spending time with my family & friends, especially my nieces & nephew!!

Meet The Pokiman Photos 2021-22 Team!

If you are a @pokimanphotos couple booked with us for the 2021/22 year - you will be seeing these amazing ladies at your weddings second shooting by my side or lead shooting on their own!

They are super amazing, well-established, sweet-hearts who are also brilliant photographers who will go the extra mile to make you feel special and well taken care of on your big day!

I am stoked to have gotten the chance to get to know them, work with them and now finally have them become a part of my team!!



Maahi has an amazing fun loving and friendly personality! She adores her cute little bunny, Chiku! Aside from being a wonderful photographer, she is also an amazing Make Up Artist! Maahi loves capturing special moments. You will absolutely love having her at your next event, with her 2+ years of experience serving within the Wedding Service Industry!!



Ramlah enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like myself, such as drinking bubble tea!! She also loves to travel all around the world, with Turkey as her next location!! Ramlah can't swim just yet, but she would love to go flying in the air (skydiving) someday!! Aside from being a brilliant photographer, Ramlah works full-time and some how manages to show up and give her all!! She will be so much fun to work with on your special day!



Shahzia loves watching old filmy movies and is a fan of Bollywood classics!! She has a bubbly personality and looks forward to having lots of adventures! Aside from being a wonderful photographer, she is also a foodie and loves drinking bubble tea!! Shahzia will be a pleasure to work with on your special day with over 4+ years of experience serving within the Wedding Service Industry!!



Shaista is also obsessed with bubble tea, (like Shahzia, Ramlah & I)!! She is adventurous and loves going on long drives!! Shaista ditched her 9-5 as a teacher to pursue her love for photography! Apart from being an amazing photographer, she is also a mom of a sweet little 2 year old! Shaista will be an asset to have on your wedding day with over 3+ years of experience serving within the Wedding Service Industry!!



Sumaya has a fun and friendly personality! Like Maahi, she is also a fur-mom, to her cat, Biscuit! Sumaya's favourite take out is sushi (as is mine!). And she loves a good cup of coffee!! Aside from being a wonderful photographer, she is also a full-time student and wife-y!! You will be at-ease knowing that she's working your event!!

We Are Ready for You!!

Our team is fully vaccinated, all masked-up and READY to shoot your events! We are dedicated to provide an amazing experience with health and safety of everyone involved!

Looking forward to shoot many more beautifully intimate events and embracing our NEW NORMAL!