As a photographer, I have been privileged to capture some of life's most beautiful moments. But there are some weddings that stand out more than others, and Zoniya and Zuraiz's nikkah was definitely one of them.

Before the nikkah, Zoniya and Zuraiz shared a beautiful first look at the Mint Room Studios. The studio provided a unique and creative setting that perfectly matched the couple's boho theme and it was the perfect backdrop for the couple's portraits. As they saw each other for the first time, it was clear to see the love and emotion in their eyes. As a photographer, it was an honor to capture the intimate moments between them. Zoniya's stunning dress and intricate henna design were the perfect complement to the boho decor of the nikkah. And Zuraiz looked dashing in his traditional attire.

From the moment I arrived at the venue, I knew that this was going to be a unique and special ceremony. The boho decor was unlike anything I had seen before, with contemporary elements mixed with traditional touches. The venue, The Gardens Event Centre, itself was stunning, with beautiful fairy lights and the perfect backdrop for this lovely couple's special day. As I started to capture the moments of the day, I was struck by the love and emotion that filled the air. Zoniya and Zuraiz's families were so warm and welcoming, and it was clear to see the respect and love that they had for each other. The ceremony itself was beautiful, and I was moved to tears by Zuraiz's emotional response as he successfully tied the knot with Zoniya. But it wasn't just the ceremony that made this day so special. From the family hugs to the sweetest cake cutting, there was so much joy and love all around. And as the couple made their beautiful exit, filled with blessings and well-wishes, I felt truly blessed to have been a part of their union. Zoniya and Zuraiz are a match made in heaven, and it was an honor to capture their beautiful nikkah. I am grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed such a special moment in their lives, and I know that their love will only continue to grow stronger with each passing day.